Single supplier, single invoice, right on time

What happens in Küresel’s supply chain
operation that pleases you?


Based on customer and channel requirements, a customized project and working system is created. Based on the planned project, necessary investments are made to have the tailor made operation to run smoothly.


Supplier links or product management is taken over by Küresel based on the specifically created project.

Each supplier is managed separately through the system. Based on customer groups within the system, suppliers which are active in more than one project are separated by multiplexing method and each project is followed separately on a case by case basis. The secure and authorized supply system prevents the products from being used in different projects. Supplier product and delivery performances are regularly reported separately for each project.

Privacy is our most important rule of conduct within the process.

The purchasing

A designated team of experts carry out a project based purchase research based on clients needs and demands , analyses the market and the competition clauses then connects with possible purveyors, researches alternative suppliers, finalizes pricing and work schedules.

After further detailing of client's demands or self purchasing determined the final definitions of purchasing processes 2 or 3 way contracts are drawn out and signed. As the purchase contracts are finalized, stock controls are held via a client dedicated mrp system. After product and warehouse multiplexing final orders are placed for the suppliers. This process prevents stock excess or deficiencies.

The price upon product and supplier change cannot be made without authorisation of the central project management.


The project based purchases are stored in 3 different regional warehouses. These warehouses cover an area of approximatively 30.000 square meters they are internally designed for dry, cold and frozen goods the layout is always based upon needs. The warehouse areas may also vary according to regional or seasonal needs

Order and Demand Management

Order and shipment plans are customized based on delivery points. Planning is carried out based on minimum inventory levels and supply schedule requirements. With the Küresel’s web interface application Kürenet, customized orders are processed based on each specific project. Based on each orders delivery schedule, delivery units prepare the products by carrying out the necessary collection and handling.

Küresel’s experienced and expert sales team visits in line with the route plan of the deliveries. They specifially oversee the sales, orders and demand in gas station markets, local and international chain markets for products in our portfolio.


Our vehicle fleet, with 3 different temperature regimes do deliver products from end to end in Turkey, with FTL (direct) either partial or dedicated vehicles. Our delivery operations within Turkey, with the T1 and T2 timing frames is empowered with the Netlog logistics and information, creating strong synergy. With careful planning for each project, our delivery vehicles reach our customers on time, with full cargo and without any damage

Our system eliminates any ambiguity that may arise at the delivery points and necessary reports are presented to the customer along with delivery updates.

Return Products Management

In case of need, returns are arranged for the products. Managing returns with vendors or customers are set up for either disposal or product returns.

Accounting and customer relations

Single supplier, single invoice. Following the dedicated delivery of the varied supplied products the client benefits from a detailed and easy follow-up both in accountancy and in financial terms. Regular adjustment of accounts are held up, clients are kept up to date with the work processes and reports are held and sheared.

Our client relations team are trained to take initiative on reporting, analyzing, and solving issues that may arise on project based transactions. They will inform the client accordingly within necessary time frames.

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