Strong organization, powerful supply…

Efficiency and smooth service for multi-channel customers requires strong collaboration and optimization. Our strong structure, integrated strength, experienced staff and dedicated solutions for each branch offers and end to end supply chain


Kuresel carves out for each client a tailored workflow plan, a productivity, a cost and a profit analysis and draws on a personalized action plan, then taking it onto application. We therefore propose customized solutions to different client profiles with diverse needs.

Projections are made through performance assessments also providing for time management. We create a dedicated team who follow up the project for the client; who analyze the risks and opportunities, thus defining investments or groundwork needing to be established prior to action. All the process is meticulously analyzed and reported. Kuresel provides partnering solutions through a variety of service channels over Turkey's most prestigious projects.


Colorful and complete sehelves

Through procurement to shelf management with the motto of “Colorful and complete shelves”, Kuresel organizes as a supply chain process with the availability and sustainability of products within a systematic approach. Professional management of stock allows for various kind of products to reach regularly the farthest destinations in Turkey within T2 timing.


From supplier to the table…

The out of home consumption is rapidly growing, and providing service to the hotel, restaurant, cafe and catering companies requires fine and detailed analysis and serious organizational background.

Küresel chooses and associates the right producers, and products with the targeted clients in Horeca channel. We continue to constantly invest to provide sensitive clients demanding a highly detailed frame of service, and we strive to create the best possibilities for them.

We regularly service all our out of home service clients with temperature controlled warehousing and vehicles.


From the world to the shelves…

After meticulous research of the market and distribution needs of the market, domestic and foreign products are sourced and contacts are established with respective producers. Based on consumer – customer needs and demands; all import products are available to all serviced channels. Küresel’s portfolio contains many well-known and high-quality products, which is marketed and sold in the Turkish market. In addition to imported products, domestic production of food and non-food items supplies from Turkish manufacturers are distributed in Turkey along with their sales, marketing and distribution operations. With its ever-expanding range of products, Küresel continues to bring different and new product groups to its consumers.

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