Küresel difference

Let us handle handle the difficulties…..

Küresel’s main target is to enable all customers to benefit from growth opportunities for service and sales opportunities in their areas and devote their focus remains on their core businesses.

What benefits does Küresel offer for your operations?

Improves delivery performance

Dedicated or partial T2 delivery to the farthest point, with a single vehicle providing the required temperature and invoice prevents time loss and man power.

Required parallel and expire date controlled stock in all temperature requirements

With ERP and MRP solutions, stocks are monitored and stored with each product required temperature and solution.

Increase resource efficiency

Handles segments of the business with an experienced team to unburden the customer workload. Starting with the procurement process until the delivery, including reporting, collection of returns, Küresel provides its customers time saving as well as man power and devote their energy into their main business.

Provides a balance between quality and price

Sources alternative prices and conditions from several vendors for the same or different product groups which is related with the particular project to be able to present the best working conditions for each customer at necessary situations.

Reduce logistics and storage costs and increase productivity

Relieves it’s customers from the costs of warehousing, delivery vehicles, insurance, labors, inventory, vehicle fleets in different heat regimes, fuel and monitoring mechanisms. Küresel undertake all these responsibilities and provides these services to its customer base, thus allowing them to focus on their core business.

Reduce potential risks via financial control and balance

As Küresel handles the vendor payments and pointwise customer collections, financial risks, account settlement and follow-up mechanism is lifted in favor of the customer.

Eliminates unexpected risks and allows the customer to focus on their own business

Küresel provides and manages a tough supply chain with the motto “Everyone has its specialty” so the customer may focus on developing their business, innovation and increase profitability.

Always forward with strong information technology...

We provide all our customers with a customized and easily accessible web interface tailored to their needs, enabling them to view product stocks, create orders through the system, track campaigns, and track all processes with our professional and user-friendly system. Additionally, details such as invoicing, current account tracking and payment options are also available through our interface Kürenet.

With our competitive, professional and resourceful buying power our relations with our suppliers are effective, understanding and highly valued. Our company keeps customer and supplier relations at the highest level and creates maximum productivity and synergy in this triple structure. All the processes are monitored for optimum performance following the KPI criterias using technological information systems.

Each client's diverse range of products are being stored according to specific needs within dry, chilled, and frozen areas. These products are then transported respectively via adequately equipped carrier fleets. Deliveries are allocated through individually tailored schedules.

Stocks are methodically monitored, and the orders handled accordingly therefore neither allowing for surplus or lack of goods ; synchronized and scheduled deliveries create in this sense a highly determining advantage. The consumption interaction is closely monitored through delivery follow-ups and thorough stock level controls, thus enabling the sales points to always maintain adequate amounts of products.

High delivery performance

We are the sole and largest single supply chain company which can provide deliveries with different temperature regimes from three stratigically located warehouses in Turkey right along with Netlog with 74 warehouses and 18 hubs to Turkey's every corner within T1 and T2 time frames.

Strong and experienced team

We assigned dedicated customer representatives and provide seamless, open, reliable, and timely solutions with close communication, results and feedback.

Our main goal as Küresel is to ensure that all our customers can use the opportunities for development of services and sales in their respective fields.

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